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Mary Butler - Chief Chocolatier - Handmade ChocolatesWelcome to our world of fine handmade toffee and chocolates. We take great joy in using only the best chocolates and freshest ingredients to produce a rich, buttery toffee and flavorful truffles and other chocolate treats for your enjoyment. All our confections are made in small batches to ensure your satisfaction and are certain to become your favorite indulgence.

It is easy to purchase our fabulous toffee and fine chocolates. Just review our most popular creations and boxed selections under the Our Candies tab, then call or email us to place your order. Or you can add a unique touch to any special occasion, whether it is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, holiday or other special celebration. Simply contact us to arrange for a special box of handmade chocolates, handmade toffee, or custom chocolates for a party platter or individual gift favors for the event.

With  Easter fast approaching, check out our custom candy treats. Get started early and call today!

Mary Butler, Chief Chocolatier at Carolina Confectionery

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